Part Designer. Part Developer.

All about the story.

Interdisciplinary Turbo Nerd. Truly Real Dude. Low Art/High Concept.

Every design has a story. Never content to just create something beautiful, I am always trying to strengthen the concepts and narratives behind my designs, in order to give them a solid foundation to rest on.

For me, a design is more than a pretty skin drawn tight across an empty shell. It is a living, breathing experience that requires care, consideration, and, above all, thought. Design can be playful, but still very seriously considered and planned. It can be nostalgic without delusion. It can takes risks and experiment without sacrificing the simplicity and usefulness we expect from it.

Design is alive and I’m trying my damnedest to help it stay that way.

I want to help you find your story—let's tell it the way it needs to be told.

It can get messy, but concept is always king.

Each new design problem requires a tailor-made solution. What sort of platform will it live on? Who is going to buy it? Is it even for sale? Is it permanent or time-based?

Ultimately, the most important question is this: is there a good enough reason for this thing to exist in the first place? Without a solid conceptual foundation, things start looking shaky at best. It's an old screenwriter's cliché but it also rings true for design: concept is king. If what you are trying to communicate through design isn't clear, concise, and contextually appropriate then your story isn't being told properly. Let's work together and figure it out!