Thought Thinker. Thing Doer.

I am a designer/developer who is interested in creating beautiful, functional things that make sense.

I'm an obsessive puzzle-solver and turbo nerd. I like to examine complicated problems and find simple, elegant, and impactful solutions. I like science, whisky, riding bikes, video games, high fives, and doing meaningful things.

Short Story Long

Who doesn't love a good story? Growing up in the scorching hot Phoenix desert (in which the very fabric of your being can be ripped apart by the relentless summer sun), I learned the joys of a functioning air conditioner and compelling narrative. My love of cheesy fantasy novels was second only to my love of comic books and video games.

It was from these long hours spent hunkering in a dark room hiding desperately from the inhospitable weather that I gained an appreciation for good storytelling and what a huge role aesthetics can play in that process. All of my favorite 2,000 page graphic novels, Playstation RPGs, and broadsword-wielding, viking-helmet-wearing, chainmail-ripping fantasy novel covers had one thing in common—beautifully crafted, contextually appropriate visuals built upon a solid narrative foundation.