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At Night: The Dead

Combining the passion I have for both video games and development, At Night: The Dead is a labor of complete and total love.

Built entirely in Unity, At Night: The Dead is a minimal yet atmospheric horror strategy game that uses fast-paced gameplay to engage players and pull them into the world of Lisa Ciccarello's debut book of poetry At Night .

At Night: The Dead is available on iTunes and Google Play.


Night has fallen, and with it the dead have risen. In your remote house, you rely on magic to save you, salting the doorways and sills to keep them out. The longer the night goes on, the more the dead appear. Can you last until morning?


Conceived as a promotional tool for the book, At Night: The Dead also features the art of Emma Trithart.


You lock the door. You lock the window. You dream of the dead. You salt the sills from the inside.