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Fat Cobra

Sleazy. Dirty. Gross. Pervy. Difficult. Awkward. Confusing. Trashy. Unsettling. Demeaning.

These are just some of the words the average person would use to describe a sex store. A rundown sleaze-pit in that part of town that no person in their right mind would go to.

Fat Cobra is an adult store in North Portland that fits this description, for better or for worse. How do we fix this?


Here's the deal—SEX IS FUN. It's something that almost everybody enjoys. Most of popular culture is a vehicle to either use sex to sell something or to discuss things related to sex, in one way or another.

Such an amazing and universal element of human life couldn't be summed up by one of the above words, could it? Why should we able to do just that with a sex store? Isn't there a way to provide quality, sex-related products willing consumers without presenting an unseemly air?


The name Fat Cobra is so unique and (let's face it) gross that it lends itself perfectly to the tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that this new brand reflects.Through the use of engaging, vibrant colors and an approachable hand-drawn wordmark, Fat Cobra is transformed into a welcoming space with a feeling of openness—a destination for all things sex!

Fat Cobra is a place for young couples and single people to come for information and products to enhance their sexual awareness and well-being. By projecting a clean and modern image, Fat Cobra becomes a space in which people are comfortable enough to get what they want out of their sex life.


It feels good and looks great