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PSU College of the Arts Promos

Every university has its own distinct culture that helps shape its students as they learn and its faculty while they teach. The character of an educational institution is an important influence on how students and alumni represent themselves and give back to the community around them.


At PSU’s College of the Arts, we identified four traits that make the arts community so vibrant and unique: Process, Community, Inspiration, and Opportunity. My production team and I set out to give students and faculty a chance to speak their minds about these ideas and how they have impacted their careers at PSU.


We produced four short videos from over 50 interviews with everyone from freshman to graduate students, from adjunct faculty to program directors. These interviews were filmed in front of a custom backdrop and mixed with a variety of short conceptual pieces representing the four topics being discussed.


"process is trying a lot of stuff and probably not succeeding"


These interstitials used bright colors, geometric shapes, and stop-motion animation to help highlight the unique education students get when they enroll in PSU’s College of the Arts.


Co-produced by Daniel Cole and Kyle Vsetecka. Promos shot & edited by Peter Simon.