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Serene Alliance For Peace

The challenge I posed to myself for this project was to take a complicated institution, thoroughly examine its inner workings, and rebuild it from the ground up.


I chose to look closely at the way modern organized religions function by creating and branding my own cult, The Serene Alliance for Peace. I started off by researching Scientology, Raëlism, Branch Davidians, and many other contemporary fringe religious groups and examining the psychology used by these charismatic leaders to attract interested people to their organizations. After creating a thorough back-story for The Serene Alliance, I began crafting their identity and marketing materials, all the while drawing great influence from my research.


The mark of the Serene Alliance references their belief that Hephaestus, Greek God of Blacksmiths, is the alien progenitor of humanity and that he, along with the rest of the Pantheon, gave birth to and helped raise humanity to take a place amongst the Shepherds of the Galaxies. Blacksmith’s tongs, celestial bodies, and subtle references to Greek letters come together to make this mark feel both modern and ancient, simultaneously.


All hail the Primary Diplomat